Covid-19 Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis – A study offered an explanation for children’s ability to fight off the virus. Thousands protested new lockdown measures in London.

Source: Carl A. Pierce, et al. Immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection in hospitalized pediatric and adult patients. Science Translational Medicine, 2020.

Russia's top space official tried to claim that the planet Venus belongs to the Kremlin – The head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, also said the country plans to send its own mission to Venus.

Source: C. J. Bierson, X. Zhang. Chemical Cycling in the Venusian Atmosphere: A Full Photochemical Model From the Surface to 110 km. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 2020.

With less noise during lockdown, Bay Area sparrows sang 'sexier' songs – New research suggests the male white-crowned sparrows in San Francisco took advantage of noise pollution reductions during lockdown by singing softer and "sexier" songs.

Source: Elizabeth P. Derryberry, Jennifer N. Phillips, Graham E. Derryberry, Michael J. Blum, David Luther. Singing in a silent spring: Birds respond to a half-century soundscape reversion during the COVID-19 shutdown. Science, 2020.

A Man Died After Eating a Bag of Black Licorice Every Day – Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital said the unusual case highlighted the risk of consuming too much glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in black licorice.

Source: Richard C. Cabot, et al. Case 30-2020: A 54-Year-Old Man with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. New England Journal of Medicine, 2020.

Scientists use DNA to expose the origins of Vikings – Vikings weren’t a group of barrel-chested, blond-haired, bearded men. Instead, they comprised many ethnicities and groups of people with different ancestries.

Source: Ashot Margaryan, et al. Population genomics of the Viking world. Nature, 2020.

Immune Cell and Its Cytokine Control Exploratory Behavior in Mice – Gamma delta T cells in the meninges of the brain release a cell signaling molecule that does more than protect mice from microbial pathogens.

Source: Kalil Alves de Lima, et al. Meningeal γδ T cells regulate anxiety-like behavior via IL-17a signaling in neurons. Nature Immunology, 2020.

Most COVID-19 Infections Spread By Air, Not Surfaces – COVID-19 may not be spread as easily on surfaces as originally thought. The real culprit is the air we breathe.

Source: Eric A. Meyerowitz, Aaron Richterman, Rajesh T. Gandhi, Paul E. Sax. Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A Review of Viral, Host, and Environmental Factors. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2020.

First-ever treatment for hand, foot and mouth disease may be on horizon, researchers say – Researchers have identified a potential new drug to treat enterovirus 71, a common cause of hand, foot and mouth disease, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

Source: Jesse Davila-Calderon, et al. IRES-targeting small molecule inhibits enterovirus 71 replication via allosteric stabilization of a ternary complex. Nature Communications, 2020.

Australian stinging tree inflicts agonizing pain with a spider-like venom – The tree’s leaves contain a previously unidentified neurotoxin that latches on to fundamental mammalian pain receptors.

Source: Edward K. Gilding, et al. Neurotoxic peptides from the venom of the giant Australian stinging tree. Science Advances, 2020.